Larsen and Lewers & Syndicate

The Artists

Helge Larsen and Darani Lewers have worked collaboratively over many years, throughout Australia and internationally creating innovative contemporary jewellery and hollowware. Both with a strong background in the Australian and international art scene, Helge and Darani bring together their Scandinavian and Australian cultural traditions to create new perspectives within their work. Other infuences relate to the environment around their home on the Sydney harbour foreshore and experiences gained in travels both here in Australia and overseas.

A recent theme within their practice revolves around Australia’s ancient rock formations. Materials such as beach stones, ceramic shards and glass fragments serve as a representation of our contemporary throw away society and the debris that is left behind as a result of this. This concept is reinterpreted into striking pieces with the incorporation of precious metals.

The Gallery

Syndicate is a new gallery concept that incorporates a rotating exhibition cycle of four independent art businesses within the one gallery space. The idea behind this new format was to create an exciting opportunity for an ever changing exhibition program, that would allow the art buyer to benefit from the diversity and wealth of knowledge that the Syndicate team has to offer.

For the duration of the project there will be two directors at Syndicate; Michelle Perry of Marnling Press, who has been with Syndicate since its conception in 2011 and Peter Pinson of Peter Pinson Gallery who has previously been involved with Larsen and Lewers through exhibitions at his own gallery.

Syndicate’s website

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