Jane Reynolds & Aboriginal and Pacific Art

The Artist

Jane Reynolds recent practice is concerned with the re-use of discarded materials such as fish scales and bone, using metal as a secondary element. It is this exploration of new materials that Reynolds is most interested in with reference to furthering her practice within the framework of re-contextualising contemporary jewellery.

“I find it challenging and interesting to limit my palette of materials and to explore ways of working with a single element.”

Reynolds most recent work endeavours to approach her practice from a different viewpoint, enabling an approach to materiality previously unexplored by the artist. It is this investigation that brings up notions of emotional attachment within her practice, a concept that she has wrestled with in her earlier work.

The Gallery

Aboriginal & Pacific Art represents contemporary Aboriginal art from around Australia. Working with community-owned and -governed art centres, the gallery shows monthly exhibitions of new works, including painting, sculpture and works on paper, from established and emerging artists. Aboriginal & Pacific Art was established by director Gabriella Roy in 1996 at the Sydney Dymock’s Building. She has worked with both Aboriginal and Pacific arts and artefacts for the past four decades and brings an acute sense of history and aesthetics to the gallery.

Aboriginal and Pacific Art’s website

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