Shan Shan Mok & Janet Clayton Gallery

The Artist

Shan Shan Mok is a Chinese born jewellery artist who lives and works in Sydney. Her most recent practice is concerned with the travelling and settling phenomenon in coral ecology, a metaphor for her own travelling and settling experiences. ‘Shan’ means coral in Chinese and this connection is an important factor within her work.

Her pieces explore the effect of cultural differences experienced through short term travel and long term settlement and the hybridity of these experiences acting on a person. Her work deals with ideas of interchangeability, attachment, settlement and travel which opens up a dialogue between maker and wearer with a particular relevance to this project.

Shan Shan Mok’s website

The Gallery

Since 2007, Janet Clayton Gallery, formerly Wilson Street Gallery,  has exhibited recent and new work by contemporary artists from Australia and overseas. Their artists, many of whom have developed their aesthetic and conceptual sensibilities over decades, are constantly challenging themselves within the framework of contemporary art.

Janet’s commitment to the diversity of Australian cultural expression is reflected in her varied career – diplomat, cultural officer with the Australia Council working with the theatre, visual arts and music and strategic and communications planner for organisations such as the ABC. The decision to establish an art gallery in 2007 allowed her to pursue a lifelong dream to contribute materially to the viability of the arts sector and to communicate her passion for the creative life.

Janet Clayton Gallery’s website

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