Melinda Young & Annette Larkin Fine Art

The Artist

Fascinated by the potential for unexpected narrative, Melinda Young’s work has a carefully considered use of colour and often a sly, subversive sense of humour.

“I tend to find inspiration in architecture, the landscape, the social condition of the body and my everyday surroundings, which also frequently provide materials for my work.”

Young’s practice is concerned with the re-use and re-working of found materials forming a relationship with their existing narrative. She draws on the associations between viewer, wearer and maker in order to create new meaning within each piece. Her practice is often connected with projects involving the redistribution of materials and pieces, making M/W/M a familiar but exciting challenge.

Melinda Young’s website

The Gallery

Annette Larkin Fine Art provides specialist services to collectors of contemporary, Indigenous and modern art. With over 24 years experience, Larkin deals in secondary-market art with a regularly changing display, providing tailored advice in all aspects of purchasing, valuing and collection management.

Director Annette Larkin has almost 30 years experience in the Australian and international art market. Her previous endeavours include 11 years at Christie’s Australia as Associate Director and Head of contemporary art as well as work at Macquarie Galleries, Art Gallery of New South Wales and Newcastle Region Art Gallery.

Annette Larkin Fine Art’s website

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