Alice Whish & Studio 20/17

The Artist

Alice Whish is an established jeweller who lives and works in Sydney. In addition to her commitment to contemporary jewellery, she is also involved in many community art projects.  She has been involved with many solo and group exhibitions both in Australia and internationally throughout her career.

Her work is both intricate and delicate but possesses a visual strength that gives each piece a commanding presence. Working across a variation of mediums including; silver, enamel, steel and semi-precious stones, Whish utilises the potential of these materials in order to create pieces that posses a truly narrative quality.

Alice Whish’s website

The Gallery

Studio 20/17 is a contemporary jewellery gallery and retail space that nurtures both emerging and established Australian and international contemporary jewellers. The studio is run by Melanie Ihnen and Bridget Kennedy, who both work in the studio creating multiples, commissions and exhibition work. Artists are invited to contribute to a regular exhibition calendar as well as accepting exhibition proposals at various times throughout the year.

Bridget and Melanie are committed to providing an exhibition venue for contemporary jewellery artists to challenge the boundaries of contemporary jewellery within the context of the applied and fine arts.

As Bridget Kennedy is co-ordinating the project, Melanie Ihnen will be the participating director for this project.

Studio 20/17’s website

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