Erin Keys & Dominik Mersch Gallery

The Artist

Primarily working in mild steel, Erin Keys draws on ideas of mark making through cursive style calligraphy. She uses this technique to explore concepts of communication and language within her practice. The calligraphic pen strokes that begin on paper as drawings, transform into graphic metal objects that capture a gestural energy within each piece.

Using traditional jewellery making techniques Keys’ work represents a conversation between maker and both physical and conceptual practice. The transference of ideas between different mediums results in work that is a strong, clear representation of the artist’s process.

Erin Keys’ website

The Gallery

Dominik Mersch Gallery focuses on exhibiting significant artists from Europe as well as hosting a programme of exhibitions including works by emerging, mid-career and senior Australian artists. The gallery supports challenging artists that are at the forefront of contemporary art practice.

In addition to hosting exhibitions, the gallery programme comprises of lectures, concerts, readings, special projects and performances conducted by invited curators and artists. Dominik Mersch Gallery aims to create a site of communication and discussion in the field of contemporary art.

Dominik Mersch Gallery’s website

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