Saori Kita & Stella Downer Fine Art

The Artist

Saori Kita is a Sydney based jeweller whose practice is built around observations of her surroundings and the memory of these encounters. She has an organic and intuitive approach to process and when creating her work, allows her intuition to lead materially, inspiring each form to grow in its own way.

Her inspirations come from her surroundings, both here in Australia as well as in her home city of Tokyo. These observations of urban environments coupled with her connection to the natural world informs her practice and results in beautiful, intricate works across a variation of mediums.

Saori’s first solo exhibition ‘Perennial Moments’ took place at Studio 20/17 in late 2012.

Saori Kita’s website

The Gallery

Stella Downer Fine Art was established in 2001 and the gallery represents over thirty contemporary Australian artists who work across many mediums, including painting, works on paper, sculpture, ceramics and mixed media. The gallery represents emerging, mid-career and established artists and has a commitment to supporting and promoting sculpture, in particular placing works in both urban and rural environments.

Stella Downer is a well respected art dealer, consultant and valuer. She has worked with leading contemporary galleries for over twenty-five years and was previously the manager of the well-known Roslyn Oxley 9 gallery in Sydney, before opening her own gallery in 2001. Stella has been involved in the auction industry managing sections of Christies London and Christies Australia and is also involved with many art committees and university boards across Sydney.

Stella Downer Fine Art’s website

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