Director Comments

The directors of all the galleries have provided us with some feedback and insights about their experience with the project.

Stella Downer, Director of Stella Downer Fine Art

This project has opened my eyes to Saori Kita’s work, the delicate colours of the gems she chooses and her rough organic forms are unique and intriguing.

It has been very interesting having her work in the gallery and I admire her ability to make a piece to suit a particular person.

Dominik Mersch, Director of Dominik Mersch Gallery

As Erin knew I am a rock climber, she created a ‘Piton’ for me, a device one normally uses to attach a rope to the rock face. A beautiful piece of jewelry, but I wouldn’t entrust my life to it 🙂

Annette Larkin, Director of Annette Larkin Fine Art

From the classic Josef Albers, Interaction of Colour –

‘If one says “Red” (the name of a colour) and there are 50 people listening, it can be expected that there will be 50 reds in their minds. And one can be sure that all these reds will be very different.’

It was uncanny how responsive this work was. Mel and I consulted over the phone and without any discussion of lipstick, she nailed my red.

I wore the Garland to the Australia Council Awards this month, where Simon Mordant, Tracey Moffat and Juliana Engberg were being honoured. The piece drew compliment from some very discerning eyes. I felt energised to have been wearing the specially commissioned work, of a young contemporary artist.

Janet Clayton, Director of Janet Clayton Gallery

It has been a really positive experience for us.   The jewellery was imaginative and out there…. absolutely to brief.   Elements of the jewellery,  the shoulder piece and the wonderful hairpin are definitely very special occasion pieces requiring careful dressing and fixing and the confidence to stand out from the crowd.  Earrings and rings make a statement but are easy and comfortable to wear… I think I will buy the earrings as I have fallen in love.

Collective comment from Utopia Art Sydney

We loved being part of this project and enjoyed wearing something different each day but eventually we all had our favourite piece and yes they got plenty of comments, of course all positive. I wore a hanging piece which is not usual for a bloke so that was noticed.  I think the whole pricess has been fun, introduced a contemporary jeweller in an art context to a new audience and definitely generated interest, but also conversation, which has to be a good thing.

Brenda May, Director Brenda May Gallery

Despite not having met me in person before making the three works, Natalie totally nailed it with both of her neckpieces. Both very different from each other however they display a raw edginess that I can respond to.

Michelle Perry, Syndicate Gallery

I have really enjoyed being a part of this project. I love the brooches which were designed and made or me to wear by Helge Larsen and Darani Lewers and I think that they responded wonderfully to the brief – with enthusiasm and very thoughtfully. Helge and Darani ‘s elegant brooches are perfectly compatible with the atmospheric paintings of exhibiting artist Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang, in their attention to surface and detail and restrained beauty.

I am very much looking forward to seeing all of the jewellery presented as a collection at the end of the month and have found the entire process rewarding and fun, and have loved the collaborative cross-disciplinary and co-operative nature of it.

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