Coming to a close

With Artmonth now over (don’t worry, we still have our lovely exhibition to look forward to!) we are busy collecting all the information from our artists and directors to put together the catalogue for this project. Be sure to check out the finished product images of the jewellery as well as all the comments from the directors.

This has been a truly rewarding experience, everyone has had a lot of fun and we really feel this has opened up some new pathways and conversations about contemporary jewellery.

We hope to see lots of familiar and new faces at the opening and through the exhibition this week. Details of the catalogue as well as more information from the artists following the opening will be posted here as well as on the facebook page.


Getting into Artmonth

Hi everyone,

Artmonth is now underway and all our lovely directors are wearing our jeweller’s beautiful creations. They are being displayed in the galleries and everyone is loving them. The process has been a great learning experience for everyone and it has been really interesting watching the project develop throughout its various stages. It’s great to see the level of commitment from all our jewellers and the active participation of all our directors. Can’t wait for the final exhibition!

Artist diaries and emails!

Saori Kita!

“Hi Bridget,

Hope you had wonderful day today, 😉

I had a good productive making day ,I love the soldering paste! perfect for chain making! Thank you so much for the tips!
now it has got colourful stones as well, well I decided to make only one. with mix of stones I like and inspired by the profile neckpiece I made- sarah liked that piece so. trying to combine both of their far as I know..
Initially I was thinking of trying to blacken darkish finish but now thinking of gold plating… may be better show you,
so If that case I can take to plater on monday-   ( I have a feeling sarah and stella might like gold plating one more..than dark finish as it mix of brass)
I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week:) Thank you so much for matchmaking and everything>
Erin Keys